Fight against the epidemic and donate with love

When the New Corona virus raged across the world, the expansion of Fuja in Australia was also influenced. But we are not stagnation, on the contrary we care about our home country and contribute our little power to the society. First of all, FuJa, together with our partner AFL in Australia, raised and donated medical supplies worth RMB 100,000 to the Fenjiu Group, hoping to use it to help our compatriots in China to fight against the epidemic.

In the meanwhile, we also donated masks, hand sanitizers and other anti-epidemic materials to many nursing homes and social charity welfare institutions in Australia. As practitioners of the Belt and Road Initiative in Australia, we are well aware of our social responsibilities. “When we share the rain and moon together, we feel the same no matter where we from” . Even though we are not in China, but with our home country in mind, we are also doing our best to help society develop better in Australia. Fuja always takes the responsibility of promoting Fenjiu culture and helping to give back to the society, and hopes that it can become a link between China and Australia as a commercial bridge.

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