Special offer for AFL members

Fuja now is officially cooperating with AFL for further development.
As the Chinese Mid-Autumn day is coming, we prepared a special offer for all AFL Members as a celebration reward. The mid-Autumn day is originated with a mysterious legend story of love, archery, and the regret of swallowing the elixir of immortality fairy who trapped on the moon and accompanied only by a rabbit. While now after 3000 years it’s becoming a festival about family reunion and mooncakes. Besides that, the day is the best day to enjoy the sight of the moon which is the fullest and roundest of the year on that day.

Simply enter the code AFL20 to redeem the 20% off discount offer and enjoy our Fenjiu as China’s traditional spirits for celebration. You might not quite get the elixir of immortality, but you definitely get the best taste of Chinese spirits in the world.

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